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            1. Welcome to Danyang Xiangyun lighting equipment Co., Ltd.!

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              ABOUT US

              Danyang Xiangyun Lighting Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial zone of bounded brand town, Danyang. It is specialized in producing and selling high quality outdoor lighting street lamps. Mainly production large landscape lamp, LED high power street lamp, style complementary street lamp, solar lamp, high pole lamp, court lamp, road lamp, courtyard lamp, lawn lamp, wall lamp, wall lamp, LED small power and other outdoor products, widely used in municipal engineering, garden, park, development zone, square, villa area and so on. It is well received by municipal units, street lamps, power bureaus, garden bureaus and other real estate developers.

              Over the years, in line with energy conservation and environmental protection, we have won the trust and support of all new and old customers with reliable quality, reasonable price and after-sales service.




              We are a professional manufacturer of high quality outdoor lighting street lamps.


              Have been selected as excellent construction enterprises for many times.


              Inheritance, transcendence, and further resplendence!

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              With the continuous promotion of the industrial environment, the state is also advocating enterpr ...
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